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Sketch on your videos and annotate them in any browser. Anyone with the link can join the session and review in real time.

No signup, no hassle

SyncSketch is kept simple by design. Upload a video, get an email, share the link and start reviewing your work!


SyncSketch streams videos using HTTPS, utilizes amazon cloud security profiles and obscures the free account with 36 bit unique identifiers.

SyncSketch PRO (coming soon) will be using state of the art account authentication to protect your work.

Online Collaboration

SyncSketch is an online collaboration tool for film enthusiast. Fast Scrubbing, Frame Accuracy, Color Picker and Ghosting are just a few of the great features we currently offer.

It's Free!

The catch - there is none! We created SyncSketch Playground for the animation community because we know how hard it is to give visual feedback. Enjoy!

Using SyncSketch is awesome.
Being a teacher, I like how easy it is to upload a shot and share it between multiple users while being able to scrub real-time.
It makes critiques easier and more accurate.

Michal Makarewicz
Co-founder, Animation Collaborative

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